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February 28, 2007



I'm a HUGE huge fan of Preen mag!:) Love it, anyway, I was wondering if I could get the editors email address from you? I clicked on the link in your post and it didn't work. If I could get that from you it would be much appreciated!

The info will not be used for anything shady, I just wish to send them a link to my Street Style blog:

Thank you in advance!

Berfu Görgen

ountry Living is one of those magazines that surprise us every time. We pick it up thinking cowboys and raggedy anne, but what we get is fresh city-slicker apartment that looks country. Love it. A country vibe that we can all embrace...

So, there's about 1,600,000 circ. here, which we wouldn't normally believe but Hearst publishes this one and all their titles are audited by ABC. Can you believe one and a half million people want more country in their lives?

We do.

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